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A membership society whose goal is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to enhance the conceptual unification of the biological sciences.

Active Editorial Board Topics

Current Associate Editors

Here is a list of associate editors currently available with some general keywords. The names are linked to personal webpages with more detail on the AE's research areas. AEs on leave from the board are not listed. For the full list of board members, including those on leave, see

Associate Editor Keywords  Keywords Keywords
Marcelo A. Aizen Plant-reproductive ecology Community ecology Plant pollination
Jill Anderson Evolutionary ecology Natural selection Environmental change
Amy L. Angert Evolutionary ecology Demography Theoretical ecology and evolution
Alison Bell Hormones and behavior  Phenotypic plasticity Behavior genetics
Rebecca J. Best Functional ecology Aquatic ecology Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Luděk Berec Theoretical ecology and evolution Population and community dynamics Infectious disease modeling
Benjamin Blackman Genetics of Adaptation Phenotypic Plasticity Evo-Devo
Ben Bolker Spatial ecology  Statistical ecology Host-parasite interactions
Lauren Buckley Physiological ecology Evolutionary Ecology Biogeography
Roger Butlin Speciation Population genetics  Sexual vs asexual reproduction
Steve Chenoweth Quantitative Genetics Sexual Selection Natural Selection
David Collar Functional morphology & biomechanics Macroevolution Diversification (lineage & phenotypic)
Tim Connallon Natural selection Genetic variation Theoretical evolutionary genetics
Sean Connolly Macroecology Biodiversity Statistical & theoretical ecology
Michael H. Cortez Theoretical population and community ecology Disease ecology Eco-evo dynamics
Lynda Delph Evolutionary ecology Plant reproductive biology Quantitative genetics
Gregory Demas Ecoimmunology Hormones & behavior Physiological or disease ecology
Renée Duckworth Evolutionary ecology Ecological and evolutionary feedbacks Behavior and evolution
Meghan Duffy Evolutionary ecology Disease ecology Aquatic ecology
Emily DuVal Behavioral ecology Cooperation Sexual selection
Greg Dwyer Host-pathogen interactions Complex population dynamics Quantitative ecology
Vince Eckhart Evolutionary ecology Plant reproductive biology Ecological physiology
Evan P. Economo Biodiversity Macroecology Macroevolution
Nancy Emery Evolutionary ecology Phenotypic plasticity Ecological specialization
Matthew Ferrari Population dynamics Infectious disease Disease ecology
Jeremy Fox Population ecology Community ecology Philosophy of science
Megan Frederickson Mutualism Insect-plant interactions Host-microbe symbioses 
Rebecca Fuller Sexual selection Natural selection Color vision & pattern
Kevin Gaston Macroecology Conservation biology Urban ecology
Benjamin Gilbert Community Ecology Statistical and Theoretical Ecology Spatial Ecology
Greg Grether Species interactions Phenotypic plasticity Behavior and evolution
Volker Grimm Ecological modeling Population ecology Resilience
Jürgen Groeneveld  Individual-based and Agent-based simulation models Forest Ecology - focus on tropical and subtropical species rich forests Marine Ecology - focus on the Southern Oceans
Kevin Gross Ecological theory Mutualism Coevolution
Paulo Guimarães Ecological networks Mutualism Coevolution
Spencer R. Hall Disease ecology Lake ecosystems Community ecology
Janneke Hille Ris Lambers Coexistence Community assembly Climate change
Roi Holzman Functional morphology Biomechanics Evolution of functional systems
Travis Ingram Community ecology Phylogenetic comparative methods Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Shalene Jha Population genetics Conservation biology Plant-animal interactions
Adam Jones Sexual selection Evolutionary genomics Natural selection
Éva Kisdi Adaptive dynamics Theoretical ecology Infectious disease modeling
Holly K. Kindsvater Theoretical ecology and evolution Reproductive biology of fish Conservation biology
Chris Klausmeier Theoretical ecology Aquatic ecology Competition
Sarah D. Kocher Social evolution Evolutionary genetics Behavior
Michael Kopp Theoretical population genetics Adaptation Speciation
Krushnamegh Kunte Adaptation Sexual dimorphism and polymorphisms Mimicry
Charlotte Lee Ecological theory Species interactions Demography
Laurent Lehmann Social evolution Cultural evolution Theory of adaptation
Jeff Leips Life history evolution Coevolution Plasticity
Tim Linksvayer Social evolution Evolutionary genetics Social insects
Sébastien Lion Theoretical evolutionary ecology Spatial structure Host-parasite interactions
Nicolas Loeuille Theoretical ecology Eco-evolutionary dynamics Community and metacommunity dynamics
Katie Lotterhos Population genetics Molecular ecology Marine biology
David B. Lowry Local adaptation Molecular ecology Speciation
Sara Magalhães Evolutionary ecology Insect-plant interactions Competition
Lynn Martin Physiological Ecology Disease Ecology Hormones and Behavior
Daniel Matute Speciation Behavior genetics Genetic variation
Joel McGlothlin Quantitative genetics Natural selection Evolutionary theory
Nicole Mideo Infectious diseases Life history evolution Theoretical evolutionary ecology
Tom E. X. Miller Demography Population dynamics Quantitative ecology
Nathan I. Morehouse Sensory ecology Behavioral ecology Evolutionary ecology
Peter Nonacs Evolution of cooperation/conflict Foraging behavior Social insects
Daniel H. Nussey Senescence Eco-immunology Natural selection
Sean O'Donnell Physiological ecology Animal behavior Neurobiology
Terry J. Ord Behavioral ecology Macroevolution Community assembly
Elizabeth Ostrowski Experimental evolution Microbial evolution Cooperation and conflict
Sylvain Pincebourde Eco-physiology Thermal biology Environmental change
Stephen Proulx Sexual selection Population genetics Theory of phenotypic plasticity evolution
Daniel Rabosky Macroevolution Ecological & historical biogeography Biodiversity
David Reznick Life history evolution Empirical studies of adaptation Eco-evo dynamics (empirical)
Christina Riehl Cooperative breeding Avian reproductive biology Cognition
Ophélie Ronce Life history evolution Adaptation Phenotypic plasticity
Axel Rossberg Food webs Ecological interaction webs Theoretical macro-ecology
Volker Rudolf Community ecology Food webs Aquatic communities
Rebecca Safran Sexual selection Phenotypic variation Speciation
Julia Saltz Animal behavior Quantitative genetics Social interactions
Risa Sargent Diversification of angiosperms Plant-pollinator-insect interactions Biological invasions
Matthew Schrader Behavioral ecology Parental care Evolutionary ecology
Lisa Schwanz Evolutionary ecology Phenotypic plasticity Physiological ecology
Michael J. Sheehan Animal communication Evolutionary genomics Social evolution
Adam Siepielski Evolutionary ecology Natural selection Species interactions
Sonal Singhal Speciation Population genetics Macroevolution
Graham Slater Macroevolution Phylogenetics and Phylogenetic Methods Paleobiology
Robin Snyder Theoretical population and community ecology Life history theory Spatial ecology
Scott Steppan Phylogenetics & Phylogenetic comparative methods Mammalogy Quantitative genetics
Richard Svanbäck Gut microbiota Natural selection Aquatic ecology
Erik Svensson Frequency-dependent selection Polymorphisms Speciation
Ann Tate Immunology Host-microbe interactions Microbial and parasite evolution
Casey terHorst Evolutionary ecology Community ecology Biological Invasions
J. Albert C. Uy Speciation Sexual selection Social evolution
Jeremy Van Cleve Theoretical ecology and evolution Social evolution Population genetics
Egbert van Nes Ecological models Chaotic dynamics Resilience
David Vasseur Theoretical ecology Population Dynamics Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Mark Vellend Community ecology Plant ecology Environmental change
Marjorie G. Weber Plant-insect interactions Macroevolution Evolutionary ecology
Daniel B. Weissman Population genetics Evolutionary theory Microbial evolution
Tony D. Williams Evolutionary physiology Reproductive strategies Individual variation
Chuan Yan Population and community dynamics Species interactions Ecological networks