American Society of Naturalists

A membership society whose goal is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to enhance the conceptual unification of the biological sciences.

Current Executive Council of the ASN

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Years of Office Executive Committee, 2021
2021 Edmund D. Brodie III, President
University of Virginia
2021 Suzanne Alonzo, Vice President
University of California, Santa Cruz
2019-2021 Tadashi Fukami, Secretary
Stanford University
2020-2022 Rebecca Fuller, Treasurer
University of Illinois
2022 Judith Bronstein, President Elect
University of Arizona
2022 Deepa Agashe, Vice President Elect
National Centre for Biological Sciences, India
2020 Susan Kalisz, Past President
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2019 Michael C. Whitlock, Past President
University of British Columbia
2018 Sharon Y. Strauss, Past President
University of California, Davis
2016-2018 Jennifer Lau, Past Secretary
Indiana University
2019 Mark A. McPeek, Past Treasurer
Dartmouth College
2020 Meghan Duffy, Past Vice President
University of Michigan
2020 Kelsey Lyberger, Graduate Student Representative
University of California, Davis
2018-2021 Daniel I. Bolnick, Editor-in-Chief, The American Naturalist (ex officio)
University of Connecticut


The Offices of the ASN

The PRESIDENT leads the ASN Executive Council and selects the membership of the award and officer nomination committees. The President selects the President’s Award for the “best” paper in The American Naturalist in the past year, gives the ASN Presidential Address and presents the Society’s awards at the annual meeting, and represents the ASN in multiple other ways through the year. The President serves on the Executive Council for five years, including one year as President-Elect and three years as a Past-President.

The VICE-PRESIDENT organizes the Vice-President’s Symposium for the annual meeting and edits the special supplement to The American Naturalist that contains the papers derived from the VP Symposium. The Vice-President is also the Society’s liaison for the organizers of the annual meeting. The Vice-President serves as a member of the Executive Council for three years, two as a regular member and one as ex officio member.

The SECRETARY records and publishes the minutes of the annual meeting of the Executive Committee and ensures that elections for Society offices are conducted in a timely manner. In addition, the Secretary works closely with the President with respect to the normal running of the Society, documents the Executive Committee’s actions, sees that the ASN Officer’s handbook and website are up to date, and coordinates communication between the Executive Committee, other societies’ Executive Committees, the University of Chicago Press and ASN membership. The Secretary serves for a three-year term, and then three years as Past Secretary. For both terms, the Secretary is a member of the ASN Executive Committee.

The TREASURER manages the accounts of the ASN, tracks all revenues and expenses, arranges for official annual financial reviews and tax return preparation, files tax returns, makes payments for all annual awards and travel reimbursements related to the annual meeting, keeps track of revisions to the award amounts and reimbursement policies, and prepares the annual Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer also convenes a Finance Committee comprised of two other members of the Executive Council, for making investment decisions as needed. The Treasurer serves on the Executive Council for six years, three as a regular member and three as Past Treasurer.

The GRADUATE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE to the American Society of Naturalists is selected by the ASN executive council (EC), and serves a two year term. The Graduate Student Representative has three primary tasks: 1) To attend executive council meetings as a nonvoting member and to represent opinions and needs of current and potential graduate student members of the society; 2) To organize graduate student outreach activities at the annual meeting of the American Society of Naturalists; and 3) To consult with graduate students at the meeting and elsewhere to gather ideas as to how ASN can best serve its members.