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ASN Spotlight Session at Evolution 2016

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"The Evolution of Species Interactions"

Call for speakers for a Spotlight Session on "*The evolution of species interactions" *at the 2016 Evolution Meetings in Austin, Texas (June 17-21).  

Spotlight sessions are a new session format that include a mix of presentation lengths. For more information visit

The organizers are Young Investigators, Class of 2015: M.C. Stoddard (Harvard), Marjorie Weber (UC Davis/Michigan State) and Jesse Lasky (Penn State)

Topic: Understanding links between species interactions and evolutionary dynamics has been a fundamental challenge in biology since Darwin.

​Classic questions remain highly relevant, especially given new molecular, quantitative, and computational tools. For example: How have diverse mechanisms of evolution influenced why some species interact strongly and others weakly? How have the selective forces associated with these interactions shaped genotype, phenotype, and the structure of ecological communities? This session will focus on current research and perspectives on the evolution of species interactions. By bringing together a group of diverse approaches and viewpoints, our goal is to synthesize micro and macro perspectives at the nexus of species interactions and evolutionary biology.

The spotlight series consists of

one 30 min,
five 15 min,
and twelve 5 min ("lightning") talks. 

If you are interested in speaking in this series please submit an application to Jesse Lasky ( and include 'Spotlight Session' as the subject line. 

The application must include: (1) Name, (2) Institution, (3) rank (e.g., student, postdoc, faculty), (4) names & institutions of collaborators (5) a short abstract (max: 300 words), and (6) which talk types you are willing to give (30, 15, or 5; the more flexible you are the more likely you are to be selected).

Applications must be received by April 30, 2016. No financial support is provided to selected speakers (i.e., speakers must pay their own travel, accommodation, registration, etc.).

You may still register to give a standard talk in an "open session" at the Evolution Meetings even if you apply to participate in a spotlight session. However, if you are selected to speak in the spotlight series, you will have to choose which talk slot to use as each attendee is allowed to give only one oral presentation.

Organized sessions are committed to representing diversity. All interested individuals are encouraged to apply.


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