2019 Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Awards

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Eleanor Caves, Jean Philippe Gibert, Ambika Kamath, Stilianos Louca

The American Society of Naturalist’s Young Investigator Award is in honor of Jasper Loftus-Hills, a young scientist who died tragically 3 years after receiving his PhD. This award goes to applicants who completed their PhD three years preceding the application deadline or are in their last year of a PhD program.

Jeremy Fox, chair of the nominating committee, has written a blog about the experience. As he says, "The strength and diversity of the winners reflect the strength and diversity of the applicant pool, both in terms of their research areas and demographics."

We are pleased to announce that this year’s recipients of the ASN Young Investiagor Awards are:

•    Eleanor Caves: https://eleanorcaves.weebly.com/
•    Jean Philippe Gibert: https://jeanpgibert.weebly.com/
•    Ambika Kamath: https://ambikamath.wordpress.com/
•    Stilianos Louca: https://biology.uoregon.edu/profile/slouca/

We very much looking forward to their participation in the ASN YIA symposium at the annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, this summer.